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Turkey Farming

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Turkey Farming
Turkey Farming

We are engaged in the occupation of Turkey Farming in India. The Turkey Farming Turkey Farming is undertaken by our experts, by maintaining the maximum hygiene level. Providing controlled environment at the farms ensure good growth and health of turkey. Different breeds of turkey are available with us and offered at the most competitive prices.

Breeds of Turkey:

  • Board breasted bronze

  • Board breasted white

  • Beltsville small white

  • Nandanam turkey 1

Additional Information:

  • Minimum Order Quantity : 25

  • Delivery Time : 15-25 days5

Features of Turkey Farming:

  • Turkey farming

  • Breeds of turkeys in India

  • Economic Parameters in Turkey Farming

  • Management Practices in turkey

  • Incubation

  • Brooding

  • Rearing Systems

  • Catching and handling of turkeys

  • Floor, Feeder and Waterer space requirement of turkeys

  • Debeaking

  • Desnooding

  • Detoeing or toe clipping

  • Feed

  • Breeding Practices

  • Common Diseases of Turkey

  • Vaccination Schedule

  • Marketing of turkeys

Floor, Feeder and Waterer Space Requirement of Turkeys:

Age Floor Space(Sq .Ft) Feeder Space (cms)(Linear feeder) Waterer Space (cms)(Linear waterer)
0-4 weeks 1.25 2.5 1.5
5-16 weeks 2.5 5 2.5
16-29 weeks 4 6.5 2.5
Turkey breeder 5 7.5 2.5

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