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Teetar Farming

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Teetar Farming
Teetar Farming

Nutritionally, the Quail eggs are on par with that of chicken eggs. Moreover, the eggs of Quail contain less cholesterol. The company is engaged in Japanese Quail Farming, which is supervised by the experts. Our Quails are ensured of excellent health and these are kept in controlled and hygienic environment. We rear a variety of breeds of Quails and also offer them for farming.

Advantages Of Japanese Quail Farming:

  • Requires minimum floor space

  • Needs low investment

  • Quails are comparatively sturdy birds

  • Can be marketed at an early age i.e. five weeks

  • Early sexual maturity - starts laying eggs in about six to seven weeks of ageWashable and dry cleanable

  • High rate of egg laying -280 eggs per year

  • Quail meat is tastier than chicken and has less fat content. It promotes body and brain development in children

  • Quail meat and eggs are a nutritious diet for pregnant and nursing mothers

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